“If I die, scatter my ashes at Mad Decent Block Party”: 2013 in texts

“Currently doing snow angels in my bed to Chariot by Gavin DeGraw.”

“O gos”
“Taking that as a yes”

“If I had a choice of you puking on my lap every morning this year rather
than not being in bonerville with me I’d prab do it”


“I will lick you soon.”

“Oh perfect six hours of sleep thanks meg you inconsiderate floozy.
God writers are so inconsiderate”

“I told a big black bouncer to go fist himself”

En route to Santacon:
“Denis said to look for him he’ll be wearing a Santa suit”

“I’d rather meet a loose woman with commitment issues at a bar than a psycho
Christian bitch who kills abortion clinicians online.”

“I recently discovered my spirit animal: Bill Cosby”

“What kind of outfit says ‘I’m actually ok'”


“‘U wana fuck?’ Uh like at least throw me a second n in the wanna I feel like a degenerate”
“Have some respect for my vagina”


“by myself spexs puzzeria about t o go to specsbecause im vial”
“We’re center empty dance floor”
“K here”
“What song is playing”

“Picture this: attempting to break down the door with a loko in one hand and a knife in the other, as jameson vomits in the bathroom, katies having a crisis and hearing the police bang on the door above breaking up the party my friends are in, all while denis ryan and brendan are jumping from a fire escape. the most bizarre five minutes of my life. Then your neighbor had water running from under the door as I was leaving and alessia walks out in the middle of all of this, horrified at everything going on around her”

Live from Lollapalooza, 9:57 p.m.:
“my phone is going to or I’m in single fdigts and next to the perry’s sign on the curb”
“Bacc we Are the worst”

CAM00228“Me and my first-grade class”

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