10 things people have Googled to get to this blog

The internet is a scary thing. Not only is every Instagram selfie I’ve ever shamelessly posted plastered on the Google Image search attached to my name but, thanks to WordPress, I have access to an archive of search terms that — at one time or another — have led Internet users to my site.

Here are ten of the best, worst and kind of weird.Destiny-s-Child-destinys-child-30807847-1280-800

“why is it important for destiny’s child to keep up their friendly façade”

I’ve been asking this since Independent Women Part I.

“new year, new tits”

This has been searched twice.

“photos of mold starting on frozen pizza”

I can’t say they found what they were looking for, but they were likely led to the story of My First Apartment which, hopefully, made them feel a bit better about their iffy pizza.

“fireball whiskey gives me hives”

I’m so sorry.

“your father has presented you a dual-sim card mobile phone on your birthday.write diary entry about your feeling.”

This person is clearly skirting around some sort of weirdly specific writing assignment.

“who is the blonde on the digiorno”


“am a virgin, if i drink a bottle of smirnoff, will it make sex painless?”

It’s worth a shot (no pun intended).

“i won’t touch my friends tits meaghan mcgoldrick”

This person obviously knew what story they were looking for (“I will not touch my friends’ tits” and other New Year vows), but this search made me LOL.

“how to spell brianna in emojis”


“meaghan mcgoldrick cynical”

Welcome home, kid.

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